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By using Coolcargo products, refrigerated items can be kept cool and transported in vehicles without a cooling system. It functions as a freezer with a 12V battery and is most suitable for transport, delivery and frozen items. 



1. Environment - Waste water treatment, Flue gas desulfurization 

2. Chemical industry - HCN Synthesis Reactor, Sulphur recovery unit 

3. Energy industry - CFB boiler

4. Pneumatic Conveying

5. LNG -- Liquefied natural gas



Multi-Stage Centrifugal Blower

-Medium flow application (Between 4000 and 20 000m3/h)

-Process pressure below 1.00barg

-Low maintenance customers capability

-Low budget projects

-75% Maximum efficiency

-Inlet valve or VFD Controlled   

-4300 RPM Maximum speed

-Self integrate oil circuit system 

-Direct coupling 

-Four Bearings alignment

-Simple construction with no internal moving parts 

-Maximum Pressure 1 Bar 

-Flow range up to 40 000m3/h

-Large blower depending of the number of stage



-Large flow application (more than 20 000m3/h)

-Process pressure between 1.00 and 1.70 barg

-High level engineered project

-High budget projects

- 82% Maximum Efficiency

-Inlet guide vane and variable diffuser controlled

-30 000 RPM Maximum speed

-External oil circuit system with motor and cooling system

-Gear Increaser

-Six bearings alignment

-Complex construction with many internal moving parts

-Maximum Pressure 1.7 Bar

-Flow range up to 75 000m3/h

-Compact blower with only one impeller