Amplus C-Band BUC 100W, 150W, 200W, 300W

Category: Radio Frequency
• Single Housing Unit 
• Tricolour LED Status Indicator
• Impressive Gain & Gain Flatness 
• Very Low Power Consumption
• Light Weight
• Waterproof IP65 Standard 
• Weather-Proof Packaging
• High Frequency Stability 
• Monitoring & Controlling through RS232/485, TCP/IP & FSK 
• Extremely Easy to Install & Operate
• AC Operated / Built-In DC Power
• Output Sample Monitoring Port
• Tricolour LED Light to Identify BUC Status Instantly
• Most Reliable Redundancy for Critical VSAT Networks to
Provide Uninterrupted Link
• Ruggedized Design to Support Crucial VSAT Networks


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