Satellite Broadband

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Fleet Broadband

FleetBroadband is the first maritime communications service to provide cost-effective broadband data and voice, simultaneously, through a compact antenna on a global basis.



Satellite Broadband
Swift Broadband

SwiftBroadband is designed to meet the demand for bandwidth across all areas of aviation. It delivers high-quality voice and data communications through a single antenna to the whole aircraft, servicing cockpit, cabin and operational applications.


Satellite Broadband
Explorer 300

BGAN (BroadBand Global Area Network)

Compact - for individual usage

EXPLORER 300 makes it easy to stay connected anywhere in the world. Providing complete broadband connectivity the size of a netbook, it is an ideal terminal for single travelers who frequently change location, consisting of only one unit – a transceiver with an integrated antenna.

Satellite Broadband
Explorer 500

BGAN (BroadBand Global Area Network)

Performance and portability combined

EXPLORER 500 is the perfect choice, when working off the beaten track, but still dependant on a reliable connection. Whether travelling alone or in smaller teams this terminal meets the need for mobile access to office resources, providing access to phone networks and internet simultaneously.



Satellite Broadband