Keeto is a Vietnamese mobile application providing e-commerce service and connect sellers and buyers via social network and community feature. Users can easily post the products for sale or shopping while keep in contact with friend on Keeto and intergrated account such as: Gtalk, Yahoo, MSN, Facebook .

Free download and account sign up without using mobile number to enjoy Keeto’s attractive feature.

Key Features

  • Useful and timely promotion program
  • Product review
  • Connect directly seller to buyer
  • Product searching
  • Post directly from mobile
  • Own shopping space
  • Actively organize stores
  • Post on Social Networks
  • Connecting friends

Partner's Benefit

  • Shopping space in Partner section
  • Open shop in suitable section
  • Post promotion banner
  • Send message and post advertising banner
  • Co-advertise with Keeto

Value to Partner

  • Organize your own shopping space, and make it more attractive and professional
  • Advertise promotion program to customer
  • Be able to contact directly with Keeto user to build up your own customer list
  • Contact and update selling information for customer
  • Manage and post product easily and conveniently
  • Timely update and instant contact with customer by Keeto application on mobile.

Value to User

  • Be able to integrate personal account to make friend, chat, send message, share photo, emotion with friend
  • Easily search products/service or receive attractive promotion informationpost the products for sale
  • Post the products for sale everytime, everywhere by mobile.
  • Contact easily seller to buyer
  • Download or send song, video, story or useful information to friends.
  • Discover application and game store


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