A secured cloud solutions that protect sensitive personal information on wireless devices. The group designs, manufactures and markets integrated chip and software that delivers secured access to and secured storage for email, phone call, text messaging, IM, mobile internet, and mobile applications. Supporting all major wireless device platforms, the group also partners with third-party developers and manufacturers to create products and services offering assured secure wireless connectivity.



A personal identification crypto system, with safe address book (Qua Contacts), SMS short message (Qua Message), e-mail (Qua Mail), VOIP phone (Qua Phone) and cloud storage (Qua Disk).

Users can have their own 16 digital public keys (Qua ID) for double identity authentication.

Based on the asymmetrical encryption algorithm of hardware and software of special encryption chips, both the receiver and the sender need to install relevant software system and QDK card.


Information Encryption

  • Qua Message 
  • Qua Mail
  • Qua Phone 
  • Qua Disk 
  • Qua Contacts 
  • QDK (Full-encryption chip can add 4G capacity for your cellphone)

Anti-loss function

  • Loss function
  • Loss tracking
  • Login locking 
  • SIM Replacement Remind

Anti-disclosure function

  • Data delete 
  • Screen lock & Snapshot 



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