Image Analysis Technology


Prognostic Services Pte Ltd & Spikenet Technology have signed a Joint-Venture Agreement, where Prognostic will take care of the Asia market and to develop customised applications for clients in the Asia Pacific region. 

Spikenet Technology has developed a disruptive pattern recognition technology based on asynchronous spiking networks, that takes its inspiration from original research in the Visual Neurosciences field. The resulting image processing system allows for instantaneous learning of any form, and then its real-time recognition, in any position, scale or orientation. Designed from the beginning to be deployed on standard computers thanks to an extremely efficient and compact coding scheme, it is both rapid and robust, and can address a wide range of problems related to artificial vision.

Recognizing a form in a few milliseconds, or retrieving an image among 100 million in just a second, the remarkable performances of its image analysis engine, as well as its wide spectrum of applications, are what make Spikenet the ideal solution to a wide range of vision-related problem.


  • Security
  • Transportation
  • Industrial Vision & Robotics
  • Media


  • On-the-fly face detection, extraction and identification;
  • People counting, queue estimation;
  • Vehicle counting and classification, traffic estimation;
  • Guiding help for the visually-impaired;
  • Recognition of products and syringes for injection robots;
  • Watermark pattern recognition in secured paper;
  • Consumer frequentation statistics in shops, through people counting and face detection;
  • Automated shelf reading in retail stores;
  • Measure of a brand real exposure on television, using logo detection;
  • Detection and identification of broadcasted commercials;
  • Card recognition on casino tables.


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